Welcome to Twilight Calzone!

The Twilight Calzone website has gone through a few phases since its inception in early 2011. At first, it began as an ambitious outlet for me to write analytic essays and articles on various topics. After writing about seven or eight articles, my topics began to lose focus and drifted into lowbrow pop culture material. Luckily, I had the will power and discretion to put my foot down before publishing an articulate, yet trashy analysis of Charlie Sheen and Rebecca Black (did I mention this was 2011?). For a brief period, I used the site for the initial publication of music and concert reviews that I’d write on a freelance basis. After a fair share of idle time, I’m now rebooting the site in early 2015 to act as a supplementary website to my YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, visit my channel here. I bring my camera to concerts (big and small), film performances and try to offer an alternative to the crappy, unwatchable, distorted cell phone footage that we’ve all come to know and despise.

As time goes on and Twilight Calzone evolves, this site will contain a wider variety of material. In the meantime, subscribe to my YouTube channel and enjoy my concert videos!

Here are my latest videos from the Mastodon/Clutch show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre:

Clutch – “Unto the Breach”

Mastodon – “Chimes at Midnight”

Mastodon feat. Neil Fallon – “Blood and Thunder”


About Twilight Calzone

I take my camera to concerts and share my best footage.
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