Twilight Calzone is an outlet devoted to concert videography, photography, and music writing. During the 2000s, concert venues were far more strict about cameras and I constantly had to hide my Sony CyberShot in the crotch of my pants during the pat-downs at the gate if I wanted to have any photos of my favorite bands onstage. By 2010, smart phones had taken over and point-and-shoot cameras were allowed into shows. At that time, I decided to start a YouTube channel for sharing my live concert videos. In 2014, I upgraded to the best non-DSLR camera I could find and started uploading videos more regularly. I enjoy capturing quality videos at shows, but I try and find that happy medium between filming enough and filming too much — after all, I want to unplug from my gadgets and enjoy the live concert atmosphere. Recently, I have started shooting photos and videos of local artists in the Denver area. Drop me a line if you’re interested in having me shoot at future shows.